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Is Your Plan for Financial Freedom Happening Like it Should?

  • Does a comfortable retirement feel like a pipe dream?

  • Do you have a financial legacy to pass onto your kids?

  • Do you have an exit strategy for your job?

  • Are you still dependent on your next paycheck?

  • Do you wish you had more time for the things that really matter?

  • Are you wondering how to earn money outside your job?

What Exactly is the Find-Analyze-Fund System?

Deal Finding and Profit Calculating Software

Former General Contractors to Help You Rehab

Great Purchase and Rehab Funding Options.
Up to 100% Funding for Great Deals with Lots of Equity

I am super excited to use it as it has become a Game-Changer in this industry! The results are the very best I have seen, the numbers are exciting to execute!

I am greedy in that I want to be the only one who uses this web site- because it’s that amazing! But in all honesty, it’s the best and I am super super grateful for it every time I use it!



I love how Housefolios gathers all the data for me.
I don’t have to spend time checking Zillow, Rentometer, county records, AVMs, etc. anymore!



When I first started wholesaling, I had a rough time evaluating how much I should be offering in order for both the buyer and myself to make the profit we’re looking for, and
Housefolios solves that problem!
There are so many things you can do with their software like comps, market analysis, adding and editing properties both small and large scales among much more.



Here's How Our Find-Analyze-Fund System Works to Secure Profitable Properties

1. Master Finding Emerging-Market Deals

Members get access to our Housefolios Software, our deal-finding program with access to over 160 million property records in the US.

The program will analyze over 150 properties in only 10 minutes to guide you to the most profitable deals in untapped, up-and-coming markets.

What used to take 75+ hours of complicated analysis, now takes minutes to be done FOR you- even if you’ve never analyzed a property before. It gathers all sorts of data to find properties and instantly determine how profitable they'll be, saving hundreds of hours of tedious analysis. That way, you can skip all the dry deals and get right to the gold.

2. Guidance to the Most Profitable Strategy

Buy & Hold? Fix & Flip? Wholesale? Turnkey? Short Term Rental?

Housefolios runs all the calculations for multiple strategies enabling you to see if it’d be more profitable to buy & hold, fix & flip, wholesale, turnkey, airbnb, or pass on a deal.

Then, easily market & sell your properties. With Housefolios, you get your own marketplace website to showcase your properties. No more manual inputting properties into your current website! After analyzing a property, list it with one click.

3. Up To 100% Funding On Your Next Deal

We have members that have completed property investments with $0 cash-to-close! Not all deals are created equal. For really great deals with lots of equity, we provide up to 100% funding. With that said, there are good deals that will require some cash to close, but our team will tell you which ones.

We work with you to help qualify deals before you ever get them under contract, so you have a good idea on how much funding your deal will be approved for.

It doesn't matter if you have bad credit and no investments under your belt... all we care about is the profitability of your deal. You don't need experience because we have it, and we'll be there every step of the way.

Meet the Founders

Rob Fuller and Jared Garfield were working nonstop back in 2016, buying over 40 houses a month. 

They quickly realized that 1 bad deal ruined 5 good ones, and they wanted to invest their time and money finding quality over quantity. 

They knew the secret was in discovering emerging markets, and reducing time on analysis.

They saw that this was one of the biggest challenges for NEW real estate investors- not knowing what to look for, wasting time on bad deals, and struggling with funding.

So in such a tech driven world, Rob and Jared knew there had to be a better, less archaic way to get this done. Enter: Housefolios.

They spent over $4 million developing a specialized software just for themselves that laser focused on discovering emerging markets.

It worked so well, it was impossible not to share with new investors and partners they knew could save thousands of hours and millions of dollars using it.

Now, they’ve opened up access to a wider audience, allowing new investors everything they need to run a Single Family Real Estate Business, all in one place.


Fill out the application for a free consultation. We will discuss your financial goals, see if the FIND-ANALYZE-FUND system is a good fit to help you reach your goals, and then answer your questions.